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Peter Madden

Peter Madden is an Auckland-based collage artist who creates heavily detailed, surreal microcosms that seem to leap out of their two-dimensional frameworks. Madden, toils away with old issues of National Geographic and an exacto knife, freeing colorful birds from there pages. Using positive and negative space composition his mosaics taunt the eye. Madden’s spindly chairs […]

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Matt Wisniewski

I first came across Matt Wisniewski when searching for up and coming graphic artist. His arresting portraits made from a seamless blend of photography and layered ghost like images, made me smirk with creative jealousy. Wisniewski lends his decerning eye to grainy black and white portraits and fashion tares, while meshing rolling landscapes and crashing waves..the […]

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ART stream 2

In need of visual stimulation? Take a look at artist pushing process, color, and eveyone is taking notice. Vince Contarino, Yadir Quintana, Jon Elliot, Kris Chatterson, and William Crump.

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At first glance your eye tells you- “You are looking at tape art.” On closer inspection Kees Goudzwaard pieces are created with thin layers of smooth oil paint on canvas. The illusion of taped layers of velum and paper is supreme. Goudzwaards choice in subject matter is a modern take on an art student color study. […]

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Stan Chow

What do you get when you take an illustrator, part Ad man, part artist, part Bond fanatic? You get the amazing work of Stan Chow. A Manchester bred Englishman with wit and hijinx.  His work made headlines this past year through a threatened law suit from Lion Gate – (article here). Lion Gate,  produces the […]

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Richard Pearse

Richard Pearse is an artist with a knack for inlay and patience. Each piece is made of salvaged and found materials meticulously placed by Pearse and his wood glue covered fingers. His most recent works can be found this coming year in Sweden’s KRETS gallery. Before he is picked up my the likes of Anthropology […]

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The Art event of the year is here! We have flipped through the pages of our ART BASEL 2011 catalogues, gearing up on how to attack the Miami Convention Center. The blood is pumping and if you have never been, it is much like Paris Fashion week with no time limit on gawking and going […]

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Metroplastique DEUX

Well, well, well, Metroplastique is the little train that could. Capitalizing on their strength in process art films..they are on the brink of going viral. We launched with a story on them and are proud they are getting so much attention, it is well deserved. Here is another piece by the team; Supakitch and Koralie […]

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BILL CARMAN is a talented illustrator teaching out of Boise State. Carman’s work often hints at dark quirky narratives while leaving enough ambiguity in them for the viewer to wonder and imagine what is going on. Bill creates a stylized world made up of  rabbits that fly and fish in masks to name a few. He is an artist […]

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Love Battle


Ashley Edwards

Josh Goot