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Metroplastique DEUX

Well, well, well, Metroplastique is the little train that could. Capitalizing on their strength in process art films..they are on the brink of going viral. We launched with a story on them and are proud they are getting so much attention, it is well deserved. Here is another piece by the team; Supakitch and Koralie […]

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BILL CARMAN is a talented illustrator teaching out of Boise State. Carman’s work often hints at dark quirky narratives while leaving enough ambiguity in them for the viewer to wonder and imagine what is going on. Bill creates a stylized world made up of  rabbits that fly and fish in masks to name a few. He is an artist […]

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Samantha French was one of the first young painters we thought of to feature when starting Design Tonic. She is extremely talented and fresh. Visiting artist “studios” around the country I wasn’t surprised by the long subway trip followed by a walk through run down garages, and storage units. As I got closer to Ms. […]

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Sweater Swed

NEW I-Phone “official” review

Ribbon Wall

Mango s/s 2012

Metroplastique DEUX

Thomas Wakeford s/s 2012