Parisian flare

Parisians are full of  bohemian modern flare.The home of architect and designer Paola Navone is a perfect examples of whimsy, whit, and a sharp since of color. The space is white washed with imperfections exposed oozing with European charm. The wide planked floors set the stage for creativity and rule breaking. The epic chandelier, the jadeite painted chairs, the industrial light fixtures all give a feeling that inhabitants of the space live a life of expression and movement. via: 79 ideas

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Maarten De Ceulaer is a young promising Belgium designer. His attraction to conceptual and narrative design drives his inspiration for his graduate project  ‘A Pile of Suitcases’. With little surprise it has been picked up by the notorious Milanese gallery Nilufar, that commissioned an entire collection on the concept. Maarten has gained international attention for his […]

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Bec Brittian

BEC BRITTAIN offers up an industrial geometric hybrid. Brittain’s Shy Lighting system is original and fully functional, not to mention gives us the swoons. The SHY Light (taking its name from the initials of the designer’s grandmother) uses the spare beauty of thin LED tubes to define the edges of its shape; in this way […]

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Cupcake ATM

Fresh cupcake vending machine?! Yep, the cupcake craze is at a fever pitch it seams, and the Sprinkle’s Bakery is bringing it to the masses. On the site of their Beverly Hills storefront, a 24-hour cupcake vending machine has been placed to offer the ‘World’s first cupcake automat’. Modeled after an ATM bancomat, the machine […]

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Aésop an Australian skin care line, has become an uncontested success story in the notoriously fickle beauty industry — focused on providing its worldwide clientele with the highest quality botanical skin care, rather than subscribing to mainstream-cosmetic anti-aging hype. Aésop has  20 signature stores including stores in Paris, London, Sydney and  Melbourne. In keeping with Aésop […]

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 When you walk into a store or boutique what is the first thing you notice? Is it the lame music mix they are playing, the perfectly folded and stacked jeans, or is it the annoying sales girl coming your way? I for one seem to be taken by the physical environment. It has become more […]

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Beam Kitchen

Beam kitchen, by Tom Dixon, in partnership with Danish artisan manufacturers, Ekoij, is sculptural design made up of a central column crafted in raw steel with cantilever planes carved in aggregate stone. Bottom line if you happen to be sweet on Dixon’s lighting can you imagine a whole kitchen?

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Love Battle

Ashley Edwards

Josh Goot