Eric Yeo / Spiral drawing

What do you say about something that must take extreme amount of patience and years of master doodling combined with fine art. Don’t you just want to see this illustrators fifth grade science notebook, (I am sure that this talent started young.) In a world were value is put on things that can be packaged or sold at a profit, you have to respect a young creative like this, knowing his parents said..”why can’t you just be a doctor, a lawyer…drawing where is the future? Obviously we love this and more so that a art supplier commissioned it. Seek out creativity! Ogilvy and Mather Singapore was commissioned by legendary art supplier Faber-Castell to do an amazing […]

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Ribbon Wall

Japanese architects Ryuji Nakamura & associates recently installed their latest creation for  ‘CoSTUME NATIONAL‘ at the CNAC LAB in Tokyo, Japan. Within a bare white walled room, hung ribbons bow to the floor creating an optical illusion of a textured wall if you move from one side of the space to the other.  As you adjust to a chosen vantage […]

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This chair gets its name from the intersection of materials, hard and soft forms, and emotional responses. The rocker is traditional and nostalgic, bringing memories of calm and comfort. This thought is interrupted by an industrial metal frame that canteleavers the seat from a tightly angled anchor point. The result is a modern version of […]

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Okay Art

Okay Art dealer is a collection of edited pieces of mid century furniture mixed with contemporary interior accessories. This gold leaf Eames chair by far is the standout. You can visualize a set around a dining room table or a lone chair at the end of a hallway. My favorite idea is for kids…have one […]

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Victor Hunt

VICTOR HUNT is a branded personality of the creatives behind the Belgian Art dealer. Creating Victor Hunt to front the business allows the sole emphasis to remain on the artist and designers the dealer is supporting and growing. Through short film the minds behind VH have revealed the “process” behind the art. Our favorite of there […]

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The Only The Brave Foundation supports and develops a variety of innovative projects, each tackling issues either holistically or from new sideways angles. Whether in the form of funding, cooperation, advice, or staff mobilization, the Only The Brave Foundation works in liaison with numerous internal and external collaborators. This film was created by Brand New School. A vertically integrated […]

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Catie Newell

Catie Newell is an environmental installation artist offering a visual conversation between a crumbling industrial city and it’s ignored demise. Newell is small in stature countered by her enormous undertaking of making Art that makes you listen. Salvaged Landscape is an intricate installation of burned timbers from an arson Detroit home. Deterioration has smothered Detroit, […]

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Sweater Swed

NEW I-Phone “official” review

Mango s/s 2012

Metroplastique DEUX

Thomas Wakeford s/s 2012