ANA KRAŠ a serbian born designer creates the most colorful, original, and spell binding lamps called bonbons. The geometric metal forms are meticulously wrapped in naturally dyed silk thread. This young creative seems to fly right below the radar of mainstream design, just how she likes it. Her lamps are hand created by wrapping thread tightly together creating a color blocking effect. I think I love the bonbons for their whimsy and bohemian flare, and appreciate precise execution. I will put money down, that Anthropologie has been knocking on her door..lets hope she holds out.

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Two Laps

Boys in general have a talent for making most anything a competition. From racing to the top of the stairs to who wins the girl. As boys get older rivalry only escalates to business deals and golf games. What is the state of men with a little wrinkling, do they still have the king of […]

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Erik Madigan Heck first caught our eye with his work for Mary Katrantzou this past fall 2011. Born in Excelsior in 1983 to Croatian and Northern Irish parents; he earned his MFA in Photography and Film Related Studies from Parsons School of Design in New York in 2009, where he currently lives and works. Heck is […]

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Scouting Scout

In New York City one can spot a visitor from a mile away, simply from how much they spend looking up… perhaps with their mouths slightly ajar. A description of a dreamer, “a man looking to the stars.” Generations have  read Alice and Wonderland, the story of a girl laying in the grass drifting and […]

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CRAIG BREWER is writer-director drawn to films with music as the underlining drive, while revealing the grit into a group or society. He is best known for his  break out hit Hustle and Flow, which he wrote while working at Barnes and Nobles and later directed. He lives in Memphis,Tennessee and lobbies for most of […]

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APRICOT/ Ben Briand

is a film released two years ago, like most “great” short independent films it was met with accolades with in the industry but little exposure on a mass level. Apricot will be a first of an ongoing series of short film features for Design Tonic. Ben Briand is a film maker with intense film integrity […]

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Dynamic Blooms is a project by the duo, Luke White and Remi Weekes of “Tell No One.” The team experiments with film, breaking down process, while using movement and dance as inspiration. White and Weekes explain their work in a few words, “Think of this as an informal brainstorm.” The publication, Another Magazine commissioned the original […]

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Love Battle


Ashley Edwards

Josh Goot