CRAIG BREWER is writer-director drawn to films with music as the underlining drive, while revealing the grit into a group or society. He is best known for his  break out hit Hustle and Flow, which he wrote while working at Barnes and Nobles and later directed. He lives in Memphis,Tennessee and lobbies for most of his projects to be filmed in Tennessee, “I guarantee you I’m the only person in Hollywood fighting to make a movie in Tennessee.” Brewer has become a Memphis hero and solidifies the status with his latest project, FOOTLOOSE. The remake of Footloose was initially linked to High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, with an obvious tween/musical guarantee. Brewer had turned down […]

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APRICOT/ Ben Briand

is a film released two years ago, like most “great” short independent films it was met with accolades with in the industry but little exposure on a mass level. Apricot will be a first of an ongoing series of short film features for Design Tonic. Ben Briand is a film maker with intense film integrity […]

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Dynamic Blooms is a project by the duo, Luke White and Remi Weekes of “Tell No One.” The team experiments with film, breaking down process, while using movement and dance as inspiration. White and Weekes explain their work in a few words, “Think of this as an informal brainstorm.” The publication, Another Magazine commissioned the original […]

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Building a brand with signature wit. Emerson Fry the creator of EMERSONMADE has captured the attention of women all over the world seeking ” The new modern classic.” How did Emersonmade come to be? We started out designing women’s accessories. The company expanded into women’s clothing in Fall of 2010. We focus on collectible pieces […]

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Greg Kessler is a photographer best known for his has uncanny shots of the “raw” behind the runway beauty. Kessler is a contributor to The New York Times’ T Magazine, 10 Magazine, and the Dossier Journal. Kessler’s work seems to push past the normal confines of a before and after leaving a visual commentary on culture and […]

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LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo. L.A. Lights…   How would you define your genre of film making? I think it’s kind of hard to define exactly what type of film making it is that I do; sometimes it doesn’t even feel like film making to me in the sense that we all tend […]

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Catie Newell

Catie Newell is an environmental installation artist offering a visual conversation between a crumbling industrial city and it’s ignored demise. Newell is small in stature countered by her enormous undertaking of making Art that makes you listen. Salvaged Landscape is an intricate installation of burned timbers from an arson Detroit home. Deterioration has smothered Detroit, […]

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Sweater Swed

NEW I-Phone “official” review

Ribbon Wall

Mango s/s 2012

Metroplastique DEUX

Thomas Wakeford s/s 2012