Metroplastique DEUX

Well, well, well, Metroplastique is the little train that could. Capitalizing on their strength in process art films..they are on the brink of going viral. We launched with a story on them and are proud they are getting so much attention, it is well deserved. Here is another piece by the team; Supakitch and Koralie called Euphoria. They represent a new level of free hand talent. Keep it up. SUPAKITCH & KORALIE “Euphorie” Paris from Raphaël Hache on Vimeo.

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Steven Larson

Finding Steven Larsen’s work was a mater of luck. Layers of topographical maps, graphite sketches and oil paint meander over his large scale canvases. the work titled “Independence” is our favorite, with it’s dark aqua blue fish. Good show Steven. We want more.

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Frightful weekend

Halloween is coming and most parties are this weekend enjoy and send along any creative costumes and we will select the best! Drawing by Guim Tio

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Though Nick Cave was our launching post on our Blog, Daily Tonic. We thought, that we would pay the artist/professor due attention. Nick Cave an artist, performer, and director of the School of the Art Institute’s graduate fashion program. Cave’s “Soundsuits” are wearable mixed-media sculptures that incorporate every material imaginable to make sounds unique to […]

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Supreme Tumblr 1.1

MARRY POTTER is an art driven Tumblr with vast clippings of photographers, illustrators, painters, and other creatives. The tight editing and eye for “the special” is what is exciting about this tumblr. Marry Potter also links to the source and gives artist the credit, rare in Tumblr. Archived is a great representation of the author’s […]

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Matheus Lopes

Some of the most alluring art has come from album covers and Music related art. A young illustrator, Matheus Lopes work for the band, As Tall as Lions is a great example of where art and music collide. I can’t decide which one I like better. I love when illustrators can still paint by hand rather than […]

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The mantra of recreating the new really gets old but once in a while it works. I’m not sure if any value retention exists but sometimes art just looks good and isn’t trying to change any boundaries. Mitch McGee is trying out layering of lazer cut plywood using Pop art images. Does it work?  I […]

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Sweater Swed

NEW I-Phone “official” review

Ribbon Wall

Mango s/s 2012

Thomas Wakeford s/s 2012