Parisians are full of  bohemian modern flare.The home of architect and designer Paola Navone is a perfect examples of whimsy, whit, and a sharp since of color. The space is white washed with imperfections exposed oozing with European charm. The wide planked floors set the stage for creativity and rule breaking. The epic chandelier, the jadeite painted chairs, the industrial light fixtures all give a feeling that inhabitants of the space live a life of expression and movement.

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  • Raquel

    ummmmmmmmmmmm khubehaaaaaaaaa faaght un vasataaa in adabiate yk meghdar ezaf b nazar mire3 albate b dalile shirine dar3 mazkur ghabele eghmaze ama khob age mishod y karish kardam shirinie dar3 mazkur mozaaf mishod (saeed jan sharmande zudtar nayumadam in nete zoghalie man gahi khoshesh nemiad blodemuno baz nemikonee (( kolan dastet dard nakone

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