I first came across Matt Wisniewski when searching for up and coming graphic artist. His arresting portraits made from a seamless blend of photography and layered ghost like images, made me smirk with creative jealousy. Wisniewski lends his decerning eye to grainy black and white portraits and fashion tares, while meshing rolling landscapes and crashing waves..the results are spell binding. In hope to find what is in Mr. Wisniewski head..a turbulent sea, steep cliffs or a misted knoll- we asked him about insight into his work.

What makes you tick creatively?

I’m really inspired by any kind of beauty but I’ve mostly focused on things I have access to. Growing up I had little interest in fashion, architecture or a number of other things simply because I didn’t have much around me to experience. That’s changed recently but typically in the past I’ve been focused with work that’s easy to find and enjoy online like photography.

 The way you layer imagery seems effortless, what is your process?
Initially I take a number of portraits and textures I’d like to use and experiment with quick overlays. Once I find a combination that works I’ll expand on it. In terms of technical stuff the actual overlay is as simple as using lighten or multiply in Photoshop. Most of the work is deciding positioning and what parts of each image to show, cleaning things up and matching contrast.

What brought you to the arts? (background, childhood experience, schooling, mistake?)

I’ve loved to experiment with new things since a young age. Art covers a broad range so I was bound to hit on it more than once. I ended up using Photoshop quite a bit as it has plenty of uses.

Who do you admire?

I really appreciate work with a sense of humour. I’m constantly finding new people but lately Santa Katkute, Melanie Bonajo and Roman Noven are good examples.

What feedback has fueled you to keep working..(parents, friends, fashion world, peers, magazines etc.)

It’s more of a novelty to me than anything else. If a piece that I think is rubbish gets a lot of attention I’m not suddenly going to be proud of it. What really keeps me going is having plenty of inspiring imagery to work with. Publicity has touched me to some extend in that it’s helped me come into contact with more artists to collaborate with.

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