Leandra Medine is the mastermind behind the fashion blog
The Man Repeller
Medine created a style called man repelling. Though it seems straight forward, given the name, it is actually more about “repelling” conventional trends and creating your own. Her blog documents her creations of excessive accessories and layered looks. With each look she challenges the folk lore rules of fashion. Wear two watches and one’s whole jewelry box on both arms? Done.  Wear three shirts, and two jackets in one outfit? Done. Wear skirts over pants? Done.  While busy bucking trends and blazing her own trail, ironically mainstream fashion came calling. The New York Times, The New York Post, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky and Grazia, have all called on the Repellers charms.

Her success has been a surprise to everyone, maybe mostly to Medine herself. All the attention from her fashion escapades have come while she has been in school finishing a journalism degree. While other fashionista bloggers join the front Man Repeller remains the new fashion beacon on which to judge originality. Medine, Repel on!

Illustration by Jensen Kimball (editor and chief of Design Tonic)

  • guest

    who drew this?

    • Kimball

      Jensen Kimball creator of Design Tonic…first of a series of BLOG QUEENS, check back or nominate another Blog Queen.  Or nominate a blog for Blog Divine. We like input.

  • http://www.lucidnewyork.com HandmadeJewelrybyLucid

    fantastic! Love it…

  • http://lateybirdy.blogspot.com/ Makkus4

    omg that’s perfectly cute 


  • Michaella W.

    Sooo cute! I love it!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jefferyfoster Jeff Foster

    I’m very attracted to man repellers.

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